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Monday, January 25, 2021
Welcome RemarksPLENARY8:55 AM9:00 AMPST
Recent Developments and Trends in Corporate Taxation PlanningPLENARY9:00 AM10:10 AMPST
Corporate Tax Issues in Recent DealsPLENARY10:25 AM11:25 AMPST
All Things Hybrid: A Review of the Evolution of Hybrid Planning and Challenges in the U.S. and AbroadPLENARY11:35 AM12:35 PMPST
Edward Kleinbard Memorial Lecture Keynote Presentation: Pascal Saint-Amans, Director, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, OECDKEYNOTE12:45 PM1:30 PMPST
Tax in Distressed Times: Debtor IssuesCORP A2:00 PM3:00 PMPST
Hot Tax Topics for Closely-Held BusinessesCORP B2:00 PM3:00 PMPST
Tax in Distressed Times: Creditor/Shareholder IssuesCORP A3:10 PM4:10 PMPST
California Income Tax Updates CORP B3:10 PM4:10 PMPST
Tax in Distressed Times: Advanced TopicsCORP A4:20 PM5:20 PMPST
Employee v. Independent Contractor: Employment and Tax Law ConsiderationsCORP B4:20 PM5:20 PMPST
Entertainment Industry Tax Update 2021EVE6:00 PM7:30 PMPST
Cryptocurrency TaxationEVE6:00 PM7:30 PMPST
QSBS (§1202 Stock): It Isn’t Just for Breakfast AnymoreEVE6:00 PM7:30 PMPST
The Epic Tale of International Corporate Tax Past and PresentEVE6:00 PM7:30 PMPST
Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Welcome RemarksPLENARY9:00 AM9:05 PMPST
Recent Developments in Partnership and Real Estate GuidancePLENARY9:05 AM10:05 AMPST
Partnership and Real Estate Debt WorkoutsPLENARY10:20 AM11:20 AMPST
Partnership CompensationPLENARY11:35 AM12:35 PMPST
Keynote Presentation: Michael Desmond, Former IRS Chief CounselKEYNOTE12:45 PM1:30 PMPST
Handling the New IRS Global High Wealth Examination: Lessons from the Past and Guidance for the FutureECE2:00 PM3:00 PMPST
Commonly Missed Tax Issues in Tax Planning and Hot TopicsINDIV2:00 PM3:00 PMPST
International IssuesP/RE2:00 PM3:00 PMPST
What Lies in Store for the Tax Professional Who Assisted in the Promotion of Tax Shelters: Civil Penalties, Criminal Prosecutions and Circular 230ECE3:10 PM4:10 PMPST
Uncertainty in Tax PlanningINDIV3:10 PM4:10 PMPST
The BBA: Heads IRS Wins, Tails Taxpayer LosesP/RE3:10 PM4:10 PMPST
Why Your Client’s Chances of Criminal Prosecution and Civil Fraud Penalties has Dramatically Increased: The IRS New Office of Fraud EnforcementECE4:20 PM5:20 PMPST
State Income Tax Sourcing and Trust Planning Techniques for IndividualsINDIV4:20 PM5:20 PMPST
Hot Topics in 1031 and Opportunity ZonesP/RE4:20 PM5:20 PMPST
Taxation of CollectiblesEVE6:00 PM7:30 PMPST
Representing the High Income Non-Filer in the New Non-Filer Enforcement EnvironmentEVE6:00 PM7:30 PMPST
Partnership and Real Estate Hot TopicsEVE6:00 PM7:30 PMPST
Cross-Border Investing in a Post-TCJA WorldEVE6:00 PM7:30 PMPST
Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Welcome RemarksPLENARY8:55 AM9:00 AMPST
Recent Developments and Current Trends in Estate PlanningPLENARY9:00 AM10:30 AMPST
Keeping the Closely Held Business in the Family: Tax Opportunities and DifficultiesPLENARY10:40 AM11:40 AMPST
California Income Taxation of Non-Resident TrustsPLENARY11:50 AM12:50 PMPST
Keynote Presentation: Erin Collins, National Taxpayer Advocate, IRSKEYNOTE12:50 PM1:30 PMPST
Planning for the Domestically Migratory ClientPLENARY2:00 PM3:00 PMPST
Planning for the Globally Migratory Client: Tax Issues for Clients Owning Assets or Residing Outside of the U.S.PLENARY3:10 PM4:10 PMPST
Philanthropic Planning for the New Frontier: Beyond the 501(c)(3) PLENARY4:20 PM5:20 PMPST
Having Your Cake and Eating It Too EVE6:00 PM7:30 PMPST
Estate Tax Hot TopicsEVE6:00 PM7:30 PMPST
Chapter 14 Soup to NutsEVE6:00 PM7:30 PMPST
International Charitable GivingEVE6:00 PM7:30 PMPST