Concurrent Session B2: Force Majeure and Contract Drafting and Enforcement in the New World of COVID-19
Date & Time
Thursday, October 29, 2020, 2:05 PM - 3:05 PM
Robert Odson William Small Alicia Vaz Pamela Westhoff

This panel will discuss some of the unique issues concerning the enforcement of real estate contracts (including leases, financing documents and purchase contracts) in the COVID-19 era. The panelists will review and analyze the evolving legislative and judicial response that directly impacts the enforceability of certain real estate contracts, particularly leases and deeds of trust. The pandemic has increased everyone’s focus on force majeure clauses and other contractual provisions relating to the impact of a public crisis and government action on contracts. The scope of the COVID-19 crisis and resultant government action has also spawned common law and novel defenses to enforcement of real estate contracts. Our panel of experts will help you navigate this new and evolving body of law, and explain how these new developments impact the enforcement of real estate contracts. The panelists will also explore and propose new and revised contract provisions that will likely be incorporated into real estate documents going forward in response to the pandemic and evolving case law.

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