Concurrent Session B1: Retail Apocalypse or Retail Revitalization?
Date & Time
Thursday, October 29, 2020, 11:25 AM - 12:25 PM
Ryan Leaderman Bryan Ley Stenn Parton Maria Stamolis

The pandemic has brought into stark relief a rapidly changing retail landscape, accelerating that in-process change with new challenges and opportunities. What is the pulse of the Southern California market, and what aspects of retail have been most permanently altered by the unanticipated events of 2020? Our panelists will delve into the differentiating features of retail that will survive and thrive, contrasted with those that are limping through or now ended, by examining the following questions. What will the explosion of on-line retail mean for brick and mortar stores? In what fashion will high street retail remain relevant? Can we expect even more conversions of malls and big box retail to alternative uses, from creative office to residential? Outdoor dining, relaxed parking, and waiver of signage regulations: enough or more needed to allow retail to survive? What does the changing retail landscaping do to land use planning, development, and adaptive reuse policies?

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