Exploring the “Feud” Between Copyright and the Right of Publicity

What happens when famous athletes, performers and other celebrities appear in copyrighted works? How do their rights to protect their identities affect the rights of authors and copyright owners to create and protect copyrighted works? And how will new state legislation expanding the right of publicity affect the balance? This panel of legal experts from the worlds of sports and entertainment and leading scholars and litigators will address the interplay of copyright and the right of publicity, addressing such issues as when copyright preempts publicity rights, First Amendment protection in right of publicity cases, and the extent to which copyright and the right of publicity are useful vehicles to address a novel intellectual property challenges, including what to do about so-called “deep fakes.” Learn from them as they explore the ways in which these two areas of law compliment and conflict with one another.

USC Gould School of Law Intellectual Property Institute -

Copyright Track
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 23, 2020, 11:50 AM - 12:50 PM