Elimination of Bias in the Workplace: A Balancing Act
Saturday, October 17, 2020
11:15 AM - 12:15 PM (PDT)
Rhonda Hjort Adam Levin MyKhanh Shelton Mary Ledding

A primary goal of eliminating bias is to achieve a more ethnically diverse, yet harmonious and productive workplace. But, in today’s socially conscious environment, companies and firms are faced with the implications of bias in other areas. This panel will explore the extent to which these biases are recognized and dealt with. Bias manifested in the form of ageism, religious and gender-based biases, cultural intolerance, and intolerance of diverse viewpoints can all generate claims of harassment, discrimination, and hostile environment in the workplace. Employers are being challenged to address incidents of bias and harassment and, in doing so, where do employee contractual and due process rights, rehabilitation, and retainment fit in? How are such claims internally investigated and evaluated? What is the balance between addressing claims of those injured by bias, the rights of alleged perpetrators, and the interest of the employer in, hopefully, fairly resolving such conflicts? Our speakers will share their experiences and expertise in paving the road to a diverse but individual workforce where the rights of all stakeholders are protected.