Claiming Institute Credit

MCLE is available for the live broadcast and Videos On Demand.  CPE, CTFA, and CFP credits are only available for the live broadcast.  Videos On Demand will be available approximately 2 weeks after the event broadcast.

Credit Process

  1. Watch the sessions during the live broadcast and write down the credit code shown on screen or announced verbally at the end of each session.  Respond to polling questions.
  2. Return here to fill out the evaluation and submit your credit hours along with the credit codes (on the live broadcast day).
    1. Fill out the Activity Evaluation on page 1.
    2. Submit your credit hours on pages 2 and 3  using the Credit Breakdown.  Be sure to click the Submit button at the bottom of the page (where you will be shown a thank you message).
  3. Official certificates can be emailed to you approximately a week after you submit your credit.
  4. Email with further questions.  Please see more information below.

We appreciate your patience as we transition to electronic credit reporting.

MCLE Credit (for Lawyers)

Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) - Live Broadcast:

USC Gould School of Law certifies that this activity qualifies for participatory minimum continuing legal education credit in the amount of  5.75 hours, of which 0.5 hours may apply to elimination of bias and 0.5 hour may apply to competence issues credit.

The maximum amount of  MCLE credit offered for Live Broadcast viewing is 5.75  hours.

Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) - On Demand Viewing:

USC Gould School of Law certifies that this activity qualifies for participatory minimum continuing legal education credit in the amount of  6.75 hours, of which 0.5 hour may apply to elimination of bias and 0.5 hour may apply to competence issues credit.

You may claim 1.0  hour of additional credit for watching the Videos On Demand if you watched the live broadcast.

MCLE Credit for Other States:

The USC Gould School of Law is a State of California approved MCLE provider.  This event may meet the requirements for continuing legal education credits in other states.  Please check with the State Bar Association or Supreme Court in the state in which you are seeking continuing legal education credits to see if this program is eligible.  Many states accept California MCLE credit through a reciprocal credit program; however, you will be responsible for filling out the paperwork.  Should you need additional information for your application, please email Wendy Wiley Willett at

CPE Credit (for Accountants)

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) - Live Broadcast Viewing:

This program meets the guidelines set by the California State Board of Accountancy for live CPE credit in the amount of 300 minutes [Group Internet-Based Program (Webcast)]. 

The maximum amount of CPE credit offered for Live Broadcast viewing is 300 minutes.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) - On Demand Viewing - Not Available:

CPE credit is only available for the live broadcast and is not available for viewing Videos On Demand.

  • CPE recipients must respond to a minimum of 3 monitoring activities per hour to qualify for credit. 
    • USC Gould School of Law will be deploying a minimum of 3 polls per sessions to comply with attendance verification requirements.
    • If you do not see any polls within the first 10 minutes, you need to proactively enter questions using the Q&A button in Zoom.  If you do not have a substantive question, you can simply type "checking in" and USC will count that as responding to 1 monitoring activity.  
  • Using the call-in option in Zoom disqualifies you from claiming CPE credit because you will not be able to respond to polls or add questions in the Q&A module.  

Technology Failure

If you suspect that there is a technology failure, it is your responsibility to notify USC Gould School of Law that you are not receiving the active participation monitoring activities during the live broadcast. 

USC Gould School of Law will deploy polling questions to satisfy the requirement of having 3 active participations per hour in order to be eligible for CPE credit.  In the event that the livestreaming program fails to deliver the active participation elements required (as the technology works differently on each device), USC Gould School of Law will manually verify CPE credit. 

  • If a CPE recipient fails to complete the active participation requirements as a result of technology failure, they will be limited to claim the number of minutes indicated in the livestreaming attendance reports [provided by Zoom for this specific conference]. 
  • CPE recipients need to take proactive measures by asking questions in the Q&A tab and recording the credit code given during each session.  Those items will be used should Zoom fail to recognize attendees.

As the provider, USC Gould School of Law will:

  1. Notify all CPE recipients of the Technology Failure Policy.
  2. Manually verify credit and deliver certificates with credit minutes indicated.
  3. Indicate that the Technology Failure Policy was enacted in the event of a credit audit by the California Board of Accountancy.